Betrayed, Cut Off, But Stoic I Stand

Betrayed, Cut Off, But Stoic I Stand
Betrayed, Cut Off, But Stoic I Stand

Surround yourself with kin,
like minded souls who understand,
for all else will just frustrate,
their perceptions based in shallow cause,
and their intentions always upholding self,
not understanding giving freely,
nor the ideal of love, so squandered
by earthling souls
not yet ready to face truth
and aspire to higher thought.

I am isolated, by choice,
for I can no longer skim the surface of lies,
and beyond pleasantries and kindness,
true friendship is offered to few,
for few are kindred souls, soul family,
who understand me for who I am,
and in love and kindness
nurture and share my being,
in aspiring to my goals
and the thinking that honors life.

So many times I have considered suicide,
for the loneliness in isolation
can be devastating,
but understanding purpose placates
those down thoughts, and I prevail, if not weary
attuned to the betrayal
and narcissism of earthlings, so common
without remorse or even awareness,
they travel their paths, and I, mine,
clouded by their never-ending negativism.

Yet my soul is calm, my heart in tact,
for love is my guide always,
and kindness the steps of my life,
regardless of oppression and circumstance
that come from these souls of unhappiness,
always striving to hurt those
who know of their truth,
their underlying pain and struggle,
so obvious to me,
yet far from their understanding.

I have to accept my plight,
relent on all negative thoughts of blame,
for this is my path and now I understand
why I have never fitted into humanity,
those feeling, so young I was,
when they haunted me,
yet now I understand it; I do not fit, yet my place is here,
a purpose given and a path decided,
and I shall remain expressing truth, in my way,
regardless of those who wish to tear me down.

Humility I grasp, as dirt in my hand,
life abounding in every grain,
and I seek not for gain,
just the expression of my truth, my knowing,
to perhaps held others, in confusion
of a life that presents so much pain,
that many cannot see the point,
yet we are the point, and learning the purpose,
to ignite that seed within us,
that is creation itself.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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4 thoughts on “Betrayed, Cut Off, But Stoic I Stand

  • December 23, 2017 at 8:44 PM

    “Yet my soul is calm, my heart in tact,
    for love is my guide always,
    and kindness the steps of my life,”

    I have always felt that coming from you, Tony. May I be a kindred soul to you? For, that is how I feel. Have a lovely Christmas Eve. Much love and many hugs.

  • December 23, 2017 at 8:52 PM

    You are Phyllis, and you are rare. You know they (Bob’s wife and daughter) have cut me off from my best friends phone, so I cant even wish him Merry Christmas. People are so mean and it saddens me greatly. Thus this poem. Have a great Christmas Phyllis. x

    • December 23, 2017 at 9:03 PM

      Yet he knows within his heart and soul you wish him a Merry Christmas, Tony, for the love embedded in your friendship is eternal.


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