The World Hasn’t Changed, We’re Simply in a Different One

Our World Hasn't Changed, We're Simply in a Different One
Our World Hasn’t Changed, We’re Simply in a Different One

There is no singularity,
no exceptions in nature’s play,
just a harmonious echo
reflecting the truth, over and over,
and it is we who see things
in profound isolation,
blinkered views that deny
the replication of process in life.

Yet even time holds no finite state,
not linear but malleable like waves on a shore,
but each wave unique,
the source of infinite variables,
and so the multi-verse begs consideration,
the endless play of cause and effect,
worlds of interminable variance, each step
the cause of another.

And time as linear as we see it,
is subject to a multi-verse of each moment in history,
each facet another variance,
each change another outcome,
and the fabric of time can be warped,
transferring consciousness
to other worlds of change,
each unique in direction.

In 2008 the Hadron Collider at Cern began exploring the fabric of life through the study of sub-atomic particles, and the world as we knew it changed. History marked this time indelibly, ‘world financial crisis and recession, world banks crashing bankrupt, Obama in office, resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Vladimir Putin in finishing his term as president became Prime Minister and within a year President, once again, and the list goes on.’

Each collision undertaken at Cern has created events: planes suddenly 2000 kilometers off course,
sub-continents blacked out and many more disastrous events. Personally my wife changed into someone I didn’t know, unrecognized by myself or her children, and ever since she has caused endless grief to all she knows, and like a ripple, that change has moved onto others in her family, like a domino effect, creating disharmony and drastic changes one could never have predicted.

Have you noticed how the world has gotten so much worse, so many exacerbated changes are transforming the world into a dangerous and far more negative place. There is a feeling that all is not as it supposed to be, and that feeling is unnerving. Even the fact alone, that a man like Trump could become president of America, is like a cartoon: he may as well be Homer Simpson. I ask you all to look back at 2008 and recollect what for you has changed. I think you’ll be surprised as to the kinds of events that without context, have ensued unquestioned.

Quantum physicists are exploring the theory that during one of the Collider tests, it warped time and threw our world into another world within the multi-verse, thus explaining the massive perceivable changes in events and circumstances since that time…10th September, 2008.

Explore it for yourself, for often the implausible can be the truth, if we are open to accept the possibility.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The World Hasn’t Changed, We’re Simply in a Different One

  • November 16, 2017 at 10:24 PM

    Great poem, Tony. And your essay is astounding, really sparks my interest. I don’t recall reading much about the Hadron Collider, but I can see the drastic changes you mention when I look back over the years. I am thinking about the changes in my own life and, in relating them to the information you provide, I do see some remarkable changes in my family. It seems very plausible to me that we were thrown into a time warp. Right this minute I remember a friend back east who wrote an article about himself being snapped into a time warp several years ago. Your piece is interesting, indeed. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • November 16, 2017 at 10:50 PM

    A pleasure Phyllis; it astounded me too, not just world events and change but what had occurred so dramatically in my life. It is a theory, but it is possible. Glad it sparked your interest because so often the truth is not apparent until we have some context within which to perceive it. Take care.

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