Lessen the Burden by Sharing

Lessen the Burden by Sharing
Lessen the Burden by Sharing

Here to share the burden of trials,
experiences that hone our soul,
learning that betters our lives
and may transcend the physical bounds of living.

In isolation many stagnate,
sharing, a vulnerability they cannot swallow,
and in their quest for betterment,
they hone the self alone, for gain.

Yet if we are the centre,
and connections secondary,
we stifle our potential of growth
for we become closed, an island of self.

If sharing is difficult, love is impossible,
and these closed souls go through life
not knowing what love is,
and become hardened to emotions and kindness.

They may pretend to be loving in their inept way,
but it is superficial for a discerning eye,
and under their pious exterior,
remains a hardened, loveless soul whose self is always first.

These souls who rarely connect with anyone
other than someone who can make them look good,
live secret lives, day to day enactments of lies,
to support their delusions.

The sadness is that they in their narcissistic form,
cannot be helped, for they don’t understand,
can’t relate to love, being selfless or compassionate,
as this appears to put them at risk, being vulnerable.

Beware the spite and vengeance of these souls,
they are malicious and spiteful when challenged,
and will stop at nothing
to destroy anyone who crosses their will.

While these souls live in constant altercations,
they cannot grow in potential,
and those who live for love and respect,
find it hard to fathom such ignorance.

But these people can be successful on one level,
for they are driven to get what they want,
at anyone’s expense or sacrifice,
and they are dangerous because of it.

Sharing is loving.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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Tony DeLorger

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  • November 12, 2017 at 10:55 PM

    Thanks Phyllis, yes I do love elephants too. When one of their own dies, the group walks around in a circle, sometimes for days, morning the death. And they say animals aren’t intelligent; they have souls, love and more often than not, show us as monsters. Take care.


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