Is Our Meaning Lost?


Is Our Meaning Lost?
Is Our Meaning Lost?

How sweet the nectar,
how sharp the blade,
how keen the demeanour,
how quiet the slain,
and who knows the folly,
when in the forest they fall,
no-one to hear,
did it happen at all?

Gormless souls walk oblivious,
into whirlwinds of strife,
smiling ignominiously
into the ending of their life,
and who will attest their shame,
when so easily they defiled,
walking so earnestly to undoing,
and so easily beguiled.

Temptation their lone pathway,
trust so blind it hurts,
foolish thoughts of gain and lust,
their minds so lost, inert,
as they stumble to their last breath,
as thoughts do languish in ignorance,
until they face that honed sharp blade,
that robs them of their innocence.

How sweet the nectar,
the path to final ends,
when all we see is providence,
but life does not commend,
and blindly we do live in hope,
our chattels to be gleaned,
but all we find is dark despair,
so lost in hopeless dreams.

And funeral pyres are strewn with bones,
from lost and ignorant souls,
convinced that life does owe them,
but they forgot about the toll,
as we all must face the blade one day,
and hope our cause is just,
when darkness entreats our flesh to rest,
consider, is our meaning lost?

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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