A Shallow Being

A Shallow Being
A Shallow Being

Perilous flights of expectation,
can end in utter disaster,
because people let us down,
choose their petty whims over us,
and collateral damage not their concern,
just a detail of their quest for gain:
perhaps an ego that needs feeding,
a control that serves to placate
their inadequacies.

And no matter the years shared,
the years of support
and dedication to a relationship,
certain people appreciate nothing,
simply get what they want
and if their will questioned,
desert you without remorse,
without a thought for your loyalty,
and worse, try to hurt you for your trouble.

I do not understand this thinking,
this blatant change of heart,
so askew in terms of logic,
in terms of reason, it marks insanity,
but in hindsight I have to question love,
that perhaps it was never there as purported,
just a device of control and gain
that some people employ
for self gratification.

How misleading people can be,
these pretenders like snakes
clothed in human seduction,
until crossed they remain outwardly pious,
and then without warning,
inflict their fatal wound,
leaving your life in tatters,
your self-esteem shot and your love
amounting to nothing at all.

In long term relationships
one expects a certain amount of fidelity,
and a faith in someone close,
but to my shock,
my values are not always shared,
and I realize I’ve been used,
that affection can be skin deep,
and I shall never understand,
never accept this shallow being.

Even a 30 year trust can dissolve,
when dealing with a narcissist.
Regrets…I have many,
trust an issue that never was before;
forgive and forget…yes,
but I will never understand.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “A Shallow Being

  • November 6, 2017 at 5:47 PM

    I know what you write about here, Tony. The word ‘love’ is abused by many people, because they either do not know what love means, or they use the word as “just a device of control and gain”. For people like yourself, and me, love is not just a word – it goes far deeper and is sacred. Love encompasses so much more than just something to say. Love is not a method of condition and expectation – I learned that the hard way years ago when I found out he loved me as long as I received his approval. If I say ‘I love you’, it would take several pages to define why and how I love. Yes, the abuse of love is so hard to understand, you expressed this so well in your verse. Take care Tony. x

  • November 6, 2017 at 6:12 PM

    So true Phyllis, so pleased you enjoyed the expression ( still venting a little) Take care my friend.


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