The Undulating Game, Contention and Life

The Undulating Game, Contention and Life
The Undulating Game, Contention and Life

Languishing in the exposure,
maudlin for the darkness I have worn,
sorrowful for the responses I accepted
and regretful for my words so forlorn;
in weakened temperament I fell,
for vengeful and furious ways,
without thinking it would wound me,
by my own hand lead astray.

And in facing my antagonist,
in a battle face to face,
I just lowered myself to their petty spite,
instead of balancing with grace;
and so I engaged myself in darkness,
fell to the whims of anger,
when I should have seen the folly,
and got myself untangled.

I can blame no-one in this oversight,
as blame lacks responsibility,
and my hasty emotional responses,
make worse my culpability;
so in hindsight I do realize,
that contention comes in twos,
and without my escalation,
the attack becomes a ruse.

So the lesson to learn in conflict,
is there must be two willing sides,
otherwise the battle just fades to nothing,
and the war will simply subside;
and the pain of angered response,
is the price we pay in acceptance,
yet seeking a peaceful outcome
placates all by no contention.

In the face of darkness,
one simply turns on a light,
carving a way, a better path,
one less entangled by strife;
and the more we contain our emotions,
the better we will feel,
in control of all our outcomes,
and burying the fear.

Forgiveness is pure freedom,
the past not innately ingrained,
and balance sought is balance gained,
in this undulating game, called life.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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