The Scope of Understanding

The Scope of Understanding
The Scope of Understanding

Within the scope of understanding,
there is a dark recess,
where matters beyond our capability
rest in waiting for our awakening,
and every now and then, we gain a glimpse,
a thought or two of revelation
unsubstantiated but enticing in profundity.

These glimpses motivate us to know more,
and in our seeking we begin to open,
begin to find purchase in the world we’re exploring,
ready to understand those elusive truths
that for the most part are inhibited by physical life,
imbuing spiritual realities
and the infinite planes not yet known.

Epiphanies are not uncommon,
for it is we who are often incapable of realizing them,
yet when a mind peers into infinite possibility,
the viewpoint is saturated with epiphany,
for we are like children in truth,
only gradually can we imbibe them,
stretching our capabilities to extremes.

Yet for most, no such undertaking is sought,
living life in physical terms,
and sight but a limit of belief,
to furnish nothing but a mundane reality
that is a shallow expression of the self
and hardly a perspective of reality,
rather an expected reality born of limits.

When physical reality is let go
and spiritual reality embraced, the veils begin to fall,
and in that darkness, light appears,
offering new truths beyond our imaginations,
and those rabbit warrens we open,
lead to all manner of revelation,
so removed from our physical lives, it is hard to imagine.

Look beyond yourself,
the limitations of belief and physical life,
for reality exists in the mind,
and the mind exists in the spiritual realm,
where answers are waiting,
reality so much broader,
life an explosive revelation.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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