So Sad the Loss, Just Not to Be

So Sad the Loss, Just Not to Be
So Sad the Loss, Just Not to Be

Such loss….

An incompatible womb,
a darkness consumed,
and in time no knell abides
to resound the light outside,
in welcomed breath.

Instead a fleshy trap,
a nurtured life without a map
to escape to life’s allure,
and take that breath,
that beginning of light ensued.

Pounding heart, anticipation,
possibility in frustration
and that lingering doubt,
that silent shouting fear,
that this darkness won’t transform.

Rushing blood subsides,
mind in blurred sight arrives
and eyes close tight,
awaiting the plight of fading,
extrapolating the end of a beginning.

What loss in stillness,
life plucked in paltry style,
so close yet darkness embraced,
sorely disappointed,
never to be anointed into a sated life.

Sadness rides the waves of rise and fall,
until there are no waves at all,
and silence bares the truth,
prodding ceases, tears, regret no use,
for the child now rests in heaven’s embrace.

An angel restored,
an earthly plight ignored,
as circumstances wash away the time,
and light arisen comforts the soul
alive but not in life.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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