However Painful the Score

However Painful the Score
However Painful the Score

Steal not my remaining hope,
let loose my flailing body seek,
this darkness hold too much to bare
and I entangled in human plight,
ineptitude so blatant, rife,
my fingers losing grasp.

Dark faces visit my night chamber,
haunt my thoughts, my dreams,
turn me to my deepest despair,
and they mouth words unheard,
strike blows not felt, absurd,
and twist my gut to lucid pain.

On a cloud of pillows white,
the sky so dark and menacing,
and my soul afire, my mind confused,
and this purgatory a taunting torment,
a scraping, blunt blade on nerves, unrelenting,
a pounding heart explosion of fear.

And I plead for light,
the sky turned black and night-less,
a void of hopeless emptiness,
where a soul could just dissipate,
a heart commiserate the loss,
when nightmares follow you to extremes.

When pray tell will this all end,
this mind rhapsody of infinite scope,
where body writhes in abject suffering,
and mind breaks for the wanting,
the cessation of this unrelenting fate,
where, an open heart feels the world.

Leave me some modicum of light,
some minuscule hope tethered to my soul,
so purchase I may find
to crawl out from this mire,
and in light and air, breath and care not,
the darkness I have reached.

Steal not my final hope,
my release from consciousness,
to float in eternity’s languid breath,
and before my death, rejoice,
know I have seen and felt it all,
however painful the score.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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