The Future Aches at Such a Cost

The Future Aches at Such a Cost
The Future Aches at Such a Cost

Clouds with every nuance of hue
do gather across the fading blue,
and although a storm comes into view
I feel so free beneath it;
as dark and profound shades of grey,
in varied, puffed and dappled array,
do grumble low as if to say,
to warn of immanent release;
I feel no distress no fear at all,
as encroaching darkness seems to stall,
and one shard of light so tall,
does cut through that weighted sky.

And like a cold steel knife,
that shard does cut and open sky,
and sun in streams of healing tries,
to placate that approaching storm;
as if to dramatically change her mind,
another shard cuts through the lines,
and soon those clouds are parted, signs
of doubt and abating gloom,
and grumbles fade as light pervades,
as abandon ship that sky tirade,
and blue appears in warm crusade
to wipe away the chill.

And stand below I glow with hope,
that change may come in dark reproach,
just as nature’s whims in scope
can rearrange a sky,
and storms of fear can disappear,
when hope is lost and ends unclear,
and giving up in bloody tears
is the panic of our fall;
yet hope is always there,
ours to hold and forever care,
for once that single thought is lost,
the future aches at such a cost.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Future Aches at Such a Cost

  • October 27, 2017 at 9:59 PM

    Yes, hope is always there and the sun doth shine on what we hold dear. Very nicely penned and motivating verse, inspiring. Great work, dear poet. Take care.


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