You Dark Pretenders, Be Gone

You Dark Pretenders, Be Gone
You Dark Pretenders, Be Gone

Those who can, do,
and those who can’t,
talk about it incessantly,
and from my point of view
their game of pretense
is like an annoying noise,
a glum defense of ineptitude;
they’re always trying to grab the limelight,
to show their virtues, but for the discerning
they prove what they are not.

I see so many shallow people,
living in delusions that spite others,
slandered and lied about
I let them clutch at straws,
for what more have they got,
except their delusions,
their unhappiness, and
the lies they tell themselves;
what use to me is this game,
judgement no answer to truth.

I am alone so often,
for few see what I see,
and the games people play give no solace,
so if I invested in their thoughts
I’d be in a straight-jacket for sure,
rather I choose friends discerningly,
those who know a spiritual reality,
and who have transcended this self-delusion,
to find peace within and not judge the lost
but be aware of the games they play.

Each path in life has its virtues,
and many suffer at their own hands,
their dishonesty the travail of their soul,
yet many do not learn, just blame,
and they are those who need not
call on my door,
for I am weary of their drain,
their suffocating self-delusion,
and no more can I abide their behavior,
for I long only to be with my kin.

I cast you all out, for loneliness exceeds
the benefits of your unholy misconceptions,
and I am too old to care
for those who refuse light in their darkness.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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