Strange Signals From an Unknown Galaxy

Strange Signals

strange signals

“Hey, Greg! Come have a look at these strange signals,” Andy leaned back in his chair, closely watching the computer screen. “Be there in a sec,” Greg called from across the research room. “Strange signals ? Your girlfriend playing mind games with you again? he he he.”

Both Andy and Greg were post-graduate research astronomers. The majority of Andy’s work came from one of the several telescopes on Mars.

Greg put both hands on Andy’s desk and focused on the screen. “What the ….!” He leaned closer. “GRB?” (gamma ray bursts, released during a supernova)

“I don’t think so. There’s no afterglow and the emissions are …” Andy clicked on ‘data’. “three per second with a two second pause between each set of three, and the light curves are identical. With GRB no two are identical. Those signals were picked up by Aphrodite, my telescope on Mars and sent to my program here.”

Greg closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He had been awake for over twelve hours and was finding it hard to think clearly. ” Right. Radio … “, he tapped his forehead a few times. “Radio signals! They would be consistent like this. Mulligan has been working on a project in detecting radio signals from different galaxies. I will call him over.” Mulligan is an astrophysicist and Director of Research and Discoveries. No one called him by his first name, which is Maddock, a name he hated. In his youth he was referred to as Mad Mulligan.

Mulligan stared at the screen, left arm across his chest, right elbow in the palm of his left hand and right fist under his chin. “Those are radio signals for sure. Or, if you want to speculate, they could be from an extraterrestrial civilization, using directed energy to power spacecraft.” Greg and Andy looked up at him questionably. Mulligan quickly moved his right hand out from his chin and put it right back. “Well, it is possible in my opinion, gentlemen. Light years?”

Andy punched some buttons and the program switched rapidly between several screens, stopping with a pulsating light at the point where the signals came from.  “Two billion.”

“Whew! That is out there!” Greg exclaimed. “It has taken two billion years to reach us, whatever it is. Could it be distress signals?”

“Very possible,” Mulligan mumbled, rubbing his chin. “You fellas mind if I stay and research this further? It could be a major discovery.”

Andy stood up and stretched. “Fine with me, Mulligan. I’m going out for awhile. And, Greg, you should probably hibernate in your office, catch up on some sleep.”

“Good idea, I will do that,” Greg agreed. “Take all the time you need, Mulligan.”

Andy ate two sandwiches and drank a bottle of orange juice as he sat on a bench by a campus fountain. He gazed deeply into the water, which always took him away from the seriousness of his job and his relationship problem with Jilly. Water and Earth are his elements, so he felt good around water, relaxed and in balance. But, today there was something unsettling on his mind and he could not grasp what it was. The radio signals he had stumbled across were strong on his mind, so he thought there must be something there for him to learn. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the trunk of a huge Oak tree behind the bench. Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over him. He almost felt like crying, like he lost something dear to him.

“Hello, Andy,” an unfamiliar voice reached out to him. He opened his eyes and looked around. No one was in sight. “Hello? Is someone here?” He got up and walked around the circular bench that surrounded the tree. There was no one there.

“I am here, Andy, in your mind. We are connected spiritually by thought.” Andy froze, then felt dizzy and sat down.

“Oh, my god,” he thought he was finally going mad from so much pressure and stress in his life.

“No, Andy. I am not God. I am your old friend from planet Nibiru. I sent what you called strange signals.”

“What is your name and do you understand the English language I use here on Earth?” For some reason, Andy was not frightened or confused. He just felt a familiarity and relaxed.

“My name is Raphael, and yes I understand your language and speak it fluently, as I do all existing languages on Earth as well as on other planets and in other realms. Spoken language is born from thoughts and thoughts are a common universal language, because they are visual in our minds, not heard. Just the way animals on Earth think, by visuals which humans call thoughts.”

“Raphael? Are you the Archangel? Or an alien?”

“Sorry. No. But, I am a healer as well as an astronomer and astrophysicist, which a large population of us are and as you are and as we both were on our original home of Nibiru. I guess I am an alien to your world, for I do not live there.”

“Nibiru? Planet X? I was with you on Nibiru in another life? ”

“In many life times we were together on Nibiru. And I am happy to be here in this life at the time Nibiru passes close to Earth, which it does ever 3,600 years. This is how I was able to send the radio signals to Earth and it is miraculous that it was you who spotted the signals. I have waited all this life in hopes I would once again find you. We are the same age, Andy. We were once brothers. In our next life we will be together again on Nibiru.”

“I do not remember all this, Raphael. I know that Nibiru collided with Earth centuries ago. A huge comet passed very near Nibiru, throwing it out of its rotation path and hurtled it into Earth. Earth split in two and Nibiru was severely damaged also. But, it did regain its orbital path eventually.”

“Yes, that is true, Andy. After Earth rejuvenated many people from Nibiru reincarnated there in Egypt. That is why the ancient Egyptians worshiped what scholars call the Winged Sun Disc, which is actually Nibiru. You see, the image of Nibiru has glowing radiations on both sides of the planet, which look like wings. You will remember our lives and all I have told you when you sleep tonight. I have to go now, I am losing communication with Earth. I will see you in our next life. Till then, Brother, know I love you. All of Nibiru love you, for we are all as one.”

“Wait! Am I talking out loud or is this all in my head? I don’t want people to think I’m crazy sitting here talking to myself. ”

“Ha ha ha ha! In your head. Farewell, Brother.”

Andy woke up from his nap on the bench. He remembered every word in the conversation with Raphael. He should have been stunned, but actually felt a tremendous sense of peace and immense love flowing through his whole being. Strange signals that turned out to be contact from his brother, Raphael.

He stood up and almost started running back to the research lab to tell Greg and Mulligan about Raphael, Nibiru and all they had talked about. Then he stopped cold. He suddenly had a flash of seeing himself spending the rest of this life in a mental institution. He decided not to say anything about his contact with Raphael.

It took Andy ten minutes to get back to the lab. When he walked in he saw Greg and Mulligan talking excitedly and staring at the screen. Mulligan turned towards him, “Andy, you won’t believe what we found out. Those strange signals were radio waves. They stopped about ten minutes ago – and they were from Planet X, Nibiru!

Andy went over to look at the screen and saw the planet where Raphael now was. Instant tears filled his eyes. He wiped them away with a tissue. “Awww! Darn allergies!”

strange signals


Author’s Note

This story is a work of fiction – unless I sometimes have ancient past life recalls and remember my original home was on Nibiru. So very many life times ago that would be. I research and study articles on Nibiru often and it always astounds me. But, all the information is so complex and was so strongly believed, or actually known, by ancient Egyptians, that it is mind-boggling – so, I cannot study it too long at any given time. Strange signals, indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Strange Signals From an Unknown Galaxy

  • September 4, 2017 at 2:57 AM

    Nicely done Phyllis, I have also read a lot about this planet and connections with our history. I have discovered many things and we really know very little of what has transpired in our planet history as well as the galaxy within which we reside. I find it all so fascinating and thirst for more information. great work.

    • September 4, 2017 at 3:31 AM

      Thanks, Tony. So glad to know you read a lot about it also. I fascinates me. The history of our planet and galaxy is so interesting, though, as you say, we know very little about it. I, too, want to know more and read as much as my brain can hold. I felt the need to write this story and it just jumped right out. Very happy you enjoyed it and related.

  • September 4, 2017 at 6:37 AM

    Very nicely done Phyllis, down through the years I have read several articles about Nibiru and its connection with numerous ancient cultures – I love this fictional tale spun on that connection.


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