Softly, Softly, Catchy Monkey

Softly, Softly, Catchy Monkey
Softly, Softly, Catchy Monkey

What we see is so filtered, our so called reality becomes just an echo of a dream we propagate as truth. Truth has so many layers, we are literally incapable of seeing or even understanding it. Our attempts to label and use logic and our sentient reasoning to fathom the world, is just a process we arrogantly think will deliver us to finite findings. We are not unlike a single cell, walls and limitations to contain us, with endless processes of necessity happening concurrently within us. But we being aware of them all is like expecting an ant to become our galactic master.

The external world exists in a mist, a perceived hologram if you like, and the limits of this world are taught to us and accepted, thus keeping us in the grand distraction we call living. The true movement is within us, the inner workings of experience, knowledge and ultimately the soul, the center of our being in which truth abides. Connection to this true inner self is not easy but can be achieved by many processes of meditation, and or spiritual pursuits that unclothe our many physical layers and reveal the truth of what we are.

The unclothing of ourselves is a process that peals back the ego, our greatest foe, and one that creates so much of our suffering on earth. Without the need to feed the ego, we may learn about selflessness, giving, compassion, empathy, kindness and of course most importantly, love. Love is the epitome of selflessness in truth, not romantic love which is grounded in ego, but universal love, where we learn to love all of life in all its forms and just be. This may sound easy but it is not, for we are habitual sinners, have learned to cradle the self, the ego, and feed it every moment, to give credence to our being. Yet our being lies not in the outward self, but the inner self, bereft of all the shackles of human thought.

Within us is a flow, a movement of being that has a prime directive of evolving, and the reality we perceive is just the external expression of that contentious play, one that sees us suffering our mistakes, the sorrows and negativism of judgement and the flight of ego. Peace only arrives when we accept all the movement of the souls course, without judgement or blame or any other distracting response. When we accept pain, rejection, loss, etc. they turn into something else, for fear has been eliminated and fear is our enemy, for it leads us to paths unwanted.

So when we accept human experience as just that, not in the depths of fear, we begin to understand how disproportionate it is in grasping what this journey is about. When we are unencumbered and we find that flow within us, reality’s layers become accessible, seeing without thought or judgement, how it is, not how we think it is. For when we stand next to our questions, not be the egocentric center of the questions, answers simply reveal themselves, not in response but in open being.

Thought is inhibiting, because it is laced by every experience, every bias and predilection within us.
So we ride life on our ego, wearing many layers of covering and wonder why life is so difficult. Our evolution is of the soul, and this plane is a rudimentary beginners level, aimed at learning through pain and suffering to arrive at a spiritual path, one that transcends our physical being and quantifies what is truly important. And that is love. If we wish to better our lives, find love, find compassion, kindness, empathy and understanding and relinquish the hold that ego has on us. The outside world is a dream or nightmare, which ever is chosen, but we at our center, the soul, is all that is important. All else is an illusion of little merit.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Softly, Softly, Catchy Monkey

  • September 20, 2017 at 12:35 AM

    Wow! This piece really sunk in and settled in my center, Tony. It is very meaningful for me, because i once told a man how I felt about him and just could not get the right words out, I struggled to say what was in my heart and soul. I now realize I allowed my ego to block my soul. The way you describe what love is, is what is within me. I can write a story with heart and soul and feel the spirituality in it. Yet, when I try to explain something on a very personal level, I get lost. Your message here is very enlightening. Thank you for writing this great work, more words of wisdom.

  • September 20, 2017 at 12:45 AM

    So glad you appreciated it Phyllis, and that you so personally related to it. Take care.


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