One Touch, She Gave of Herself

One Touch, She Gave of Herself
One Touch, She Gave of Herself

She touched the sky and clouds,
like a rising mist, did flee,
and blue as deep as an ocean
glimmered hues so fine,
in seamless eternity did rhyme with day.

And as birds did spiral in flighted glee,
they soared within that sky,
stretching bounds by skimming air,
wider circles did I see, until
horizons no longer ceased the distance.

Hope alone like a goddess,
imbued the season with loving care,
and creatures large and small
were energized to witness all,
the new day bristling with opportunity.

Then she touched the waters broad,
glistening light a dancing atop its rippling heart,
and fish did jump into the air,
knowing breath not lost but celebration bared,
as ponds alive in circles ventured out.

Compassion did she exhale,
in whispered sighs of kindness,
and creatures gathered at her feet,
to show respect for all she did beseech,
in her gentle touch.

She guided sun its arc across the sky,
and light prevailed in glorious warm surprise,
as day unfurled and life ensued,
her kind overseeing each moment anew,
as life did grow and move forward.

Then as stars appeared in gloaming fade,
she touched the heavens and made
such a spectacle, hearts did flutter,
for she the hand of the divine,
could not contain her joy for all that was.

And moon smiled in pale blue glow,
ascending with such pride,
as lovers held one another tight,
beneath this blessed light,
as all the world did sigh.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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