A Nail for Christ

Christ Crucified

Who is this man which comes before us who people say is the messiah
“Are you the son of God? Can you raise the dead? No! you are a lier
How can you stand before us with your blasphemy tongue
You are not the son of God, relations to the most high you have none
For your wicked teachings i sentence you to lashes
And I hope that pretty soon, you will be nothing more but ashes
thirty nine lashes it will be, maybe forty
But whatever the amount, it is justified for your false prophecy

So you claim to be the king of the Jews
Well for you I have some really good news
All kings must wear a crown, and we have one specially made for you Jesus
To place this magnificent piece upon your head would surely please us
Come now Jesus,don’t scream so loud, let the crown rest on your head
Can’t you ask your father to lift you up? after all, they say you raised the dead
Come on, lets go before the roman emperor and let’s hear what shall be done to you
Pontius Pilate washed his hand of your blood, well lets hear it from the Jews
“Give us Barabbas, give us the murderer, give us the thief
Those were the shouts of his people, his disciples in disbelieve

They made their choice, Barabbas was set free
But all that Christ was to receive was a heavy cross to carry
“You the messiah, now look at you, bloody and weak
“How can you be a king, are you the king of the dirt on the streets?”
As he carried the cross to his death, he was kicked, beaten and mocked
And the few who tried to help him was beaten and pulled back
Soon his strength would fade as the heavy cross and beaten left him weak
The burden was too heavy, he fell and needed help, people laughed, some wept
The Romans commanded a man, Simon of Cyrene, to help in his steps

Now upon the mountain, people gathered to see their messiah one last time
Tied to the cross, Large nails pierced his bones and flesh, Mary couldn’t help her crying
Blood gushed as they hammered nails in his hands and feet
Even in his death, he begged forgiveness for those lost sheep
Now he came to us to give us salvation and share the gift of everlasting life
And in the end, all the best they could do was a Nail for Christ.

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