“Rocky Mountain Retribution” is the 2nd book in my Rocky Mountain series. Available on Amazon in print or download.

Chance Bondurant and his younger brother Jace are forced off their windswept grassland farm in Lane County, Kansas when their folks died of the fever.

The Bondurant brothers with no money and less hope head to the gold fields in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near the mining camps of Central City and Nevadaville, where a righteous gunfighter named Lucas Eldridge takes and mentors the older Bondurant after Chance witnessed the brutal murder of his brother at the hands of a roaming outlaw gang.

Years later, after learning a unique set of skills that included survival of the fittest amongst the high Rocky Mountains, the ins and outs of all manner of weapons and hand to hand combat, and after acquiring a killer instinct, Chance is now ready to embark on his “Rocky Mountain Retribution” and to ride his mare Storm beyond the great divide to track down the Bigger and Hammond gang to fulfill a sworn blood oath on the grave of his departed brother.

With a dark heart and a half wolf, half something else dog named Mutt, Chance encounters all the dangers the Rocky Mountains can throw at him that include outlaws, grizzly bears, renegade Indians, and the deadly weather of autumn and winter in the remote mountain frontier.

Trained to be a killer with no love in his heart, Chance meets Senorita Kellie Shawn Arriaga, the sister of a rogue Mexican rebel turned bandit, on the trail after rescuing one of her bodyguards. Smitten and with the prospect of true love, Chance hits the first crossroad of his life; one road is to start a new life with the beautiful Mexican girl bandit or follow the second road and continue his search for justice against the outlaws that killed his brother. Chance turns his back on the love that could have been and rides away to follow what he believes is his destiny in Grand Lake, Colorado.

Little did Chance realize that Kellie Shawn Arriaga and her bodyguards would fall victim to the outlaws that he was pursuing. Now Chance must not only complete his oath to his dead brother, but also rescue the woman who has stolen his heart. If he is to ever find happiness, it would be in a thrilling final showdown which has never before been written about.

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What People are saying about – “Rocky Mountain Retribution”

5 STARS – Search for Retribution
By BILLY – Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase
This is the first novel that I have read by James but won’t be the last. It is a well written Western that has action and suspense. I highly recommend this author.

5 STARS -This is a very enjoyable book full of Colorado historical facts and history
By Amazon Customer – Format: Paperback
Verified Purchase
This is a very enjoyable book full of Colorado historical facts. The book gives the true feel of being in the Colorado Mountains surrounded by the wildlife and the beauty it offers. This well written books offers the suspense of guns fight to true romance. This book is a must read!!

5 STARS – Another Great Read
By Dan M. – Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase
Another great book from Kurt James. I enjoyed this book as much if not more than his first book, Rocky Mountain Reckoning. I highly recommend both books. Looking forward from whatever comes next from Kurt James.

5 STARS – Great book!
By Gene Sanford – Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase
I’ve read “Rocky Mountain Retribution” and “Rocky Mountain Reckoning.” The two of the best western books I’ve read. Well written without superficial descriptions and details.

5 STARS -What a great book. I can’t wait till the next one.
By Cindy Thompson-Pattalochi – Format: Paperback
Verified Purchase
What a great book. I can’t wait till the next one comes out. I couldn’t put it down. Makes me wish I still lived in Colorado.

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Kurt James

Kurt James was born and raised in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With family roots in western Kansas and having lived in South Dakota for 20 years Kurt naturally had become an old western and nature enthusiast. Over the years Kurt has become one of Colorado’s prominent nature photographer’s through his brand name of Midnight Wind Photography. His poetry has been featured in the Denver Post, PM Magazine and on 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. Kurt is also a feature writer for HubPages and Creative Exiles with the article’s focused on Colorado history, ghost towns, outlaws, and poetry. Inspired at a young age by writers such as Jack London, Louis L’Amour and Max Brand have formed Kurt’s natural ability as a storyteller. Kurt has published 7 novels all based in and around the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Using the Midnight Wind Publishing brand Kurt has also released a poetry collection called the wandering man collection - Poetry and Thoughts of a Wandering Man - (Uniquely Colorado edition) and now this collection - Poetry and Reflections of a Wandering Man (Random Thoughts edition). Kurt has also published 3 historical reference books, and one humor book. All are available in print or download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and other fine bookstores. And a few shady bookstores as well. Kurt is working on his 9th Colorado adventure tale novel “Rocky Mountain Moonshiner”.

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    Thank you for sharing this, and I really like the video, too! You should try to find a PAC-Man video to promote your books… just kidding 🙂 Great Work!

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