The Vortex Within Someone Else’s Journey

The Vortex Within Someone Else's Journey
The Vortex Within Someone Else’s Journey

The drama, the crescendos of life
may leave us weak and weary,
like a vortex into which we are drawn, driven by
the confusion and chaos of other lives,
and we invested in thoughts that lead us astray,
that in the end do nothing but drain our resources.

The human condition is such
that few are in a state of balance,
rather, following the paths of action and consequence
that guides a mind to learning,
so to submit to someone else’s is both unwise and pointless,
as we should simply be observers.

How many times in sympathy do we join others
on their iniquitous journeys of folly,
in the delusion of saving them or being kind,
but the reality is they suck the very life from us,
easing the burden of their path,
and inadvertently causing chaos for we of kind hearts.

I shall support those I love, relentlessly,
but I shall not face their firing squad,
for that is their journey not mine,
and my words of advice
may or may not ease their pain,
as they hopefully learn for their own growth.

Drama for me has bid farewell,
and as I sit upon the periphery,
I in kindness give myself to care,
but no longer ride the tsunamis of others,
and in words and a warm hand extend my wishes,
for a quick and resounding epiphany.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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