Surprising Link between Love And Bread

Surprising Link Between Love and Bread

Love and bread have a surprising relevancy! This short story below will explain it all very quickly:



Surprising Link Between Love and Bread- Yancosky


Roger, Mark, and Tony

Roger, Mark, and Tony, threw toys around the bedroom as they chatted, carelessly. The many things they chatted about was video games, newly released movies, and favorite cars that they would surely own when they were old enough to drive.

As the teens were playing ‘catch’ with a stuffed brown bear, their subject of conversation eased on over to girls. They light-heartedly began discussing which girl at school each one of them liked the best.

Roger spoke up quickly, and named, Cassidy, as his surprising, number one choice. Of course, Cassidy had no idea that Roger even existed.


Surprising Love, Bread, Yancosky

Priceless Diamond

Roger proceeded to chatter on about the many reasons why he found Cassidy to be to his particular liking amongst any other girl in his classroom.

Roger further explained how, if Cassidy were his girlfriend, he would “treasure her like a priceless diamond”. He claimed how he would “love Cassidy as if she were a rare jewel of magnificent beauty!”

Mark and Tony looked at each other, and laughed.

And then, as Mark caught the stuffed bear flying through the air toward him, he interrupted Roger and began talking about Rachel. Mark interjected with some of the reasons why he liked her so much, apart from any other girl in school.


Fine Art

In accordance with Roger conveying how he would treasure Cassidy “like a priceless diamond” if she were his girlfriend, Mark, on the other hand, stated that if Rachel were his girlfriend, he would “treat her as if she were a fine piece of art”. He valiantly stated how he would “dote on Rachel, as he would a valuable porcelain statue”.

Of course, at this disclosure from Mark, Roger looked at Tony, and made a gagging motion. And, both teens laughed in unison.

Now, as for Tony, he just kept tossing toys around, and said nothing about which girl he liked best.

So, Roger and Mark nagged at him, and prompted Tony to have his say.

Several minutes passed, and finally Tony divulged his particular liking for Anna.

Tony, in fact, had had a crush on Anna since the third grade. He considered Anna to be very special, indeed!


Love and Bread

In thought to what Roger had said about how he would treasure Cassidy,”like a priceless diamond”, and how Mark would treat Rachel, “like a fine piece of art”, Tony went on to explain how he would, “cherish Anna like a piece of bread“.

And, before Tony could say anything else, Roger and Mark literally fell on the floor, laughing in hysterics, at Tony’s surprising, and unusual declaration of love for this girl, Rachel, in stating that he would, “cherish Rachel like a piece of bread“.

Tony smiled, waiting for Roger, and Mark, to stop laughing.

When Roger, and Mark, finally calmed down, Tony continued, “Diamonds, jewels, fine art, and porcelain statues are luxury items.”

Tony continued on, “It is true that people do want these things. But, on the other hand, bread is a necessity. We need bread in order to survive. If Anna were my girlfriend, I would treat her, not as a luxury item, but rather, as a necessity in which I needed, every moment of my life, in order to even survive.”


Awkward Silence

This time, there was no howling laughter, like there had been after Roger and Mark had spoken about the love they felt for each of their crushes, Cassidy, and Rachel.

For a moment, silence filled the room, as the deep meaning of Tony’s words were pondered by Roger, and Mark.

Suddenly, Roger broke through the awkward silence. “Hey…”, he blurted out, “so, have either of you seen the reviews on that new video game that’s coming out next Saturday?”


© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore


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4 thoughts on “Surprising Link between Love And Bread

  • July 29, 2017 at 11:28 AM

    What a truism for sure, to really separate what love, cherish and a lifetime commitment is simply explained by Tony like bread. These summed up LOVE for me, ” I would treat her, not as a luxury item, but rather, as a necessity in which I needed, every moment of my life, in order to even survive.” So many of us yearn for that total commitment from our partners in life. Very few fine it, those who do are blessed by their creator. I loved this inspirational short story Tamara, you did it justice in the most profound way. Thank you for sharing your appreciation for differences.

    • July 29, 2017 at 2:07 PM

      Well, thank you, Vincent, for your thoughtful comment, and your very kind appreciation. It means a lot to me :1)

  • July 30, 2017 at 5:31 AM

    I loved this Tamara. I like to think I would be like Tony and want to treat my lady like a piece of bread…a necessity to life. I love bread too.

    • July 30, 2017 at 12:38 PM


      Thank you 🙂 Yes, I like Bread, too, especially Sourdough, French, and Rye. I could never go on a Bread-Free diet!


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