Sodbuster’s Creed

Folks like us …




This hard-scrabble ground has remained the same

Ain’t changed one damn iota from the day we came

If we grow anything, poor is the best that we’ll do

Rain is ever so mighty scare and the yields are few


That ol’ sun blazes down upon us day after hot day

Burnin’ the life out of every little thing in its way

Evaporating the precious moisture; robbin’ our life

Leaving us but little ’cept our own sweat and strife


The winters are cold; too cold for the likes of man

Everything is frozen until spring thaw comes again

We rip up the ground and plant our precious seed

With hopes that the crops will bring what we need


We ain’t got much but we had less when we came

As poor as it sounds, we are winners in this game

We have fought the elements, sun, wind and draught

We have stayed the duration; you can’t run us out


Folks like us don’t give up easily; we stay and fight

We’re not quitters by any means; it wouldn’t be right

Man was put here to till the ground and provide

It’s not impossible; just need some luck on our side


This piece of ground and the roof over our head

Is far more than some have; this is our homestead

And we’ll work it until the last of us finally drops

When we pass this world and our last breath stops


We are thankful for what we have; some got none

Life is hard but we are amongst the chosen ones

To have a little food, a roof, and a warm place to lay

Is more than a lot of folks got at the end of the day


Every time precious rain falls from the sky up above

We fall on our knees and thank God for his love

We pray that our crops will flourish and survive

So we can share with them with no luck on their side


Some folks never even had much on which to hope

Some gave up too quick, they just couldn’t cope

We figures that something beats nothing all the same

God’s blessed us with more than we had when we came


God never promised that life would not be a chore

He gave us all we bargain for and maybe a bit more

But no matter how hard it is, we’ll never turn away

We’ll work and see this ol’ farm to a better day


So as we stand here on this hard-scrabble ground

We look upon much to be thankful for all around

The hard work, the pain and struggles of just living

Are much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving



©Copyright WBrown2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Wayne Brown

I joined the writer ranks full-time in 2010 venturing out on HubPages. I still have work there but have not posted any additional work since 2012. I served six years in the USAF as a Navigator/Flight Instructor on C-130 transport aircraft and then had a 35+ year career in R&D prior to retiring in 2012. Writing has always been a part of my work and an interest to me. I also enjoy singing and guitar as a hobby. I am happily married and reside in Arlington, Texas.

5 thoughts on “Sodbuster’s Creed

  • July 28, 2017 at 11:45 AM

    We have to admire the true grit of the working man in the fields and on the farm. Day in day out they toil hoping they plant their crops in time before bad weather sets in. Under the hot sun they blister their hands, but nothing will stop a farmer from laying his crop down. The tractor can be heard every day as it chugs along the path it creates daily dropping the seeds of a harvest ahead. I love the rhyme again with this one Wayne, I could hear, see and feel the toil of a farmer working his fields. Bravo

    BTW if you click on the very far left of your posting page at the bottom, you can make your images become the feature image, so it will appear above your postings when you click PUBLISH. just a tip for you my friend.

  • July 28, 2017 at 11:49 AM

    Thanks for the good word and the advice. I am still finding my way around that format.

  • July 28, 2017 at 1:18 PM

    Oh Wayne, this so reminds me of days gone by when my Dad and Grandpa worked hard in the fields to provide for family. The least little thing would bring joy and thanks to God. Beautiful verse.

  • June 27, 2019 at 5:57 AM

    Thanks for the transport to there. Gentle reminder it is about gratefulness.


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