The Shed…a Man’s Paradise Lost

The Shed…a Man’s Paradise Lost

The Shed...a Man's Paradise Lost
The Shed…a Man’s Paradise Lost

A Man’s Paradise Lost…

Nothing sadder that an old shed, a man’s private sanctum lost in time and deserted for all it used to be. This one’s my ex-father-in-laws, build in 1925. He’s almost 90 now and days of fixing this and that long gone. It’s simply a storage unit these days, strewn with tools of old, cobwebs and many memories.

Rickety grey and bowed weathered boards,
with gnarled grains and knot-twisted talons,
Alive and cat creeping along bent walls.
barely conscious and upright stalled,
in rusted nail and flaked fungi-ringed blemishes.

Sadness pours from leaning ravaged doors,
fine silk from spiders gone, adorn the crusty walls.
While fallen lattice that once birthed crops,
lay vacant half-buried in lifeless earth,
swallowed by tattered remnant vines.

With gentle touch a small hole crumbles,
dusty wooded breath, light piercing blackness.
Wide-eyed, I search forgotten memories stacked,
waste, high mountains and sunset dreams,
released from life, decaying vermin fancy.

My heart falls shallow,
imbued with death-tinged sorrow,
intentions lost; a scattered patchwork plight.
Defiled by time, abandoned,
a monument to weathered hands,
and condemned to slow dust demise,
final breath unspent,
a man’s paradise lost.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Shed…a Man’s Paradise Lost

  • July 23, 2017 at 5:57 AM

    What a beautifully penned description of days gone past, former glory of erection and beauty. Weathered time has entered its house, the shed no longer vibrant, just dead and full of rust. Yet though the paint may be peeling and cracked, its inner revealings of a locked in past, the cracks and weathered decay brings memories to mind. You again Tony have brought something as simple as an old shed back to life by giving it a breath of what was once a prize made by man with sweat, tools and nails. Bravo my friend, you gave this shed LIFE again with your very visual descriptive weaving of your pen.

  • July 23, 2017 at 8:45 AM

    Much appreciated Vincent. Yes many sheds a pride of many a man. Glad you enjoyed the effort my friend.


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