Dreams, the Currency of Creative Mind

Dreams, the Currency of Creative Mind
Dreams, the Currency of Creative Mind

In solace I placate my fallen dreams,
not meant to be, I equate it seems,
yet what matters
is where the thoughts take us,
success a judgement of relative value,
a moment of reverence
but less sustaining than failure,
for it is the journey that relates,
not an ending of fated want.

So caught within striving,
wants and dreams, when
that nugget of acquisition is but fleeting,
and what then for our endless effort,
to arrive at places that have little meaning at end,
and memories reside in process only;
so we realize our focus amiss,
remiss our understanding of fragile egos,
needing fed to abide its stature.

Lowly do I walk the humanity dream,
acquiring all that happiness reaps,
only to find no happiness at all,
for none of it furnishes a souls want,
love alone dictates a hearts struggle,
and happiness a decision not lost in gain,
but won in worth,
and we grow up to understand our lives
are worth more than the pennies we accrue.

Dreams are the currency of creative mind,
and paths not always the answer,
as success is not always the answer,
and wealth is a perspective of mind,
value a placater of pain,
and growth the point in question;
so don’t misconstrue the reality
that is it not what we do but how we do it,
that determines gain to a soul in growth.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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