The Desert Siege

The Desert Siege
The Desert Siege

Petulant the cast light of midday’s high,
burned in shadows thin,
and waves of shimmering mirth,
rise from earth to meet the endless sky,
to ease the pain of laughter mean,
and lightly skim the cool affray,
fall to earth to ride that rising
day’s plume,
the perfume of the desert’s dark struggle.

Beneath the golden haze,
the rays of sun do scorch,
and quiet in burrows deep life in keep
holds its breath, in world bereft of moisture,
biding time in earthen graves,
caves of cooler reach,
where dreams instill the breach
of relentless heat,
beneath the desert floor.

Come the gloaming,
when stars struggle through fans of orange gold,
and sky relents its hold on light,
to introduce the coming night so bold,
its studded blanket a myriad of suns,
sparkling eyes from times go by,
reflecting eons of exploding lights unfold,
to denounce the desert night,
just a whim in nature’s plight and hold.

Cracking rocks and creeping life
address the beautiful bleak darkness,
foraging what they can,
as cold does cloud the floor in relief,
and blood is let for many, feed the beast,
the chain unbroken, the night unspoken,
as life struggles on,
harsh resolves for harsher lives
within the desert siege.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Desert Siege

  • June 21, 2017 at 10:03 PM

    I love the desert. Relaxing out back as darkness was coming on, I could hear the coyotes far off, and closer sounds of desert birds settling in for the night. Enjoyed your verse, Tony. Well done.


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