Orange Dagger Skies

Orange Dagger Skies
Orange Dagger Skies

Orange dagger skies fan the fading silken blue,
as night slips through the tears,
first one, then another star appears
as smiling pallid moon does rise
in lover’s eyes,
to vanquish all their fears.

Whispers, soft like clouds,
espouse the night,
as eyes seek in cosmic gaze,
and lofty burdens dark, decay,
in gloaming’s shallow light,
where minds are free to roam.

Warmth radiates in diaphanous hues,
while thoughts imbue the slowing time,
and hearts rest at day’s end,
in festive states of sated desires,
burnished by those final rays,
fading in the studded gem arrays.

Orange dagger skies in gentle relent,
fall to night’s persuasion,
and glimmering cosmos in propensity,
silent-views clarity’s ‘scape, in conversation,
and all is right and compliant,
one moment of world’s triumphant transformations.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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