In Love Revere the Night

In Love Revere the Night
In Love Revere the Night

Moon struck in pallid light,
glowing amid the endless stars,
your face aglow, your warmth my pillow,
to rest with you under glistening skies;
and shooting stars like streaks of painted light,
temp a mind to wish,
the hopes of love’s delight eternal,
as worlds rise and fall,
and we within it all in witness.

Entwined we two,
wrapped in love’s embrace,
gazing at eternity’s face, so deep and knowing;
oh what secrets held in distant worlds,
minds soaring in possibility,
but knowing here and now love’s warmth
is all the comfort we need,
all the sustenance two souls can see,
in this private world of bliss.

Watching light dance upon a pond,
as fireflies in golden trails
make circular patterns in lively air,
and life settles into night,
the hum of life fading into a calm respite,
as we as one do dress the night in love’s accolades,
soft kisses and tender touch
the melding of our dreams as such,
we cannot wish for more.

And moon with pride
rises high, its arc the telling of time
in a timeless moment,
and every nuance of life and breath
gives credence to what love is meant to be,
beneath a studded sky so rich and deep,
a ceiling safe and in lover’s keep,
to while away and lose those fears,
and in love revere the night.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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