The Art of the Generals – éktaktos strategos

This piece is not a celebration nor declaration of support for war, combat, or military action.  It is a tribute to the honorable men who have led military campaigns throughout history; a tribute offered because of their skills at multi-tasking on a level that most people rarely come near.  With human lives on the line and ramifications that could change the course of a nation, Generals demonstrated their intelligence of strategy and tactics that made the difference.   


Numerical superiority

Strategic planning

Operational positioning



Objective analyzation

Command unity

Interdependent maneuvering



Seizing initiative

Exploiting weaknesses

Force economy



Headquarter protection

Supply-chain efficiencies

Communication security



Advanced weaponry

Digital deception

Propaganda considerations



Influenced politically

Controlled financially

Allied dependencies



Moving armies

Terrain identification

Morale implications



Geneva Convention

Chemically, biologically

Treatment humanely



Overwhelming skirmishing

Movements enveloping

Decisive superiority


Author’s Note

If you want to learn more about military strategy and tactics, I suggest starting here.


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One thought on “The Art of the Generals – éktaktos strategos

  • April 19, 2017 at 4:37 PM

    The Molassian Naval Academy – very interesting article, Ralph. Thanks for sharing that. I have always been interested in military strategy and really delved into it with the life of Vlad III Dracula who was an expert in leading his armies to defend the people and his kingship of Wallachia. Your poem is very well penned and is a fine tribute to generals. Great work, Ralph.


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