All Their Yesterdays

All Their Yesterdays

Their yesterdays,

began when they were small.

Growing up like,

two peas in a pod,

somehow they knew,

that all their yesterdays,

would bring them sparkling memories.

School days hand in hand,

summers with buckets and shovels,

building sandcastles –

to dream upon.

They fell in love

and the years were bliss,

reminding each other –

of their love with each kiss.

Somewhere along the way,

as sometimes things happen,

their starry notions –

got lost along the way

and it seemed,

all their yesterday –

might just fade away.

It was odd how they,

just drifted apart,

years down the line,

she stumbled upon,

the old pictures,

now tucked away in the attic –

all dusty and worn.

There they were smiling,

from childhood through their teens

and for a long time she gazed,

at the last picture,

the one with arms around one another,

but no stars in their eyes

and no smiles.

Once again she had to wonder –

What had happened

to the love they once shared?

She wondered where he’d gone

and where he was today.

No other special love,

had come her way

and now her heart –

began to ache.

Miles away he was gazing,

at the stars in the sky,

seeing her face

and remembering their love.

What was it that had changed?

Can it be that best friends

are the poorest lovers?

or did they miss something

along the way?

Perhaps they could try once more,

the best of thoughts,

come at the best of times,

but often they come

and just as quickly fade away.

At the moment she chose,

to retrace her steps,

to the place they loved the most.

He was already on his way,

to the little hotel by the sea.

There they met early in the morning,

as the sun was just beginning,

to glitter on the water.

The shadows had all rolled away

and the sea wind was blowing through her hair.

They stopped and they gazed at one another.

The years seemed to roll away,

time stood still,

their hearts racing –

they came together in a passionate kiss.

Realizing how foolish they’d been,

to think that their dreams,

were no longer the same –

to think love had simply rolled away.

But now there was the promise of a new tomorrow,

a promise that love –

would be here to stay.

The waves crashed against the shore

and gulls cried from above,

their hearts were together once again –

with promises of a lifetime and more.

Rasma Raisters
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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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