Balmy Indian Summer

Balmy Indian Summer

Balmy Indian Summer

Balmy Indian Summer

A lucent ephemeral domain inaugurates,

Where Earth sings hymns

And pays homage to Gods.

This sacred land is a cradle,

For the deities abroad;


Where cadmium yellow storm

Of shimmering sheaves;

Of fair and fragile and swirling leaves,

A pageantry of dream the season keeps.


O’ slowly, O’ slowly,

I tread to the crunch and rustle of leaves;

‘Chip… chap… crunch…’

Are the toe-tapping sounds

Of crispy autumn air,

Scented with Divine fragrance,

The dew embellishes the entire sphere.


As winds caress the falling leaves,

A season of autumn wraps in sleeves;

Apple cider, bonfires; hot cocoa in chills,

Pumpkins and scarecrows across the hills,

Long, lingering walks in the woods,

With cosy sweaters, boots and hoods…!


When the lush green trees

Clothe in reddish and gold,

When nights crawl over chocolaty and cold,

When squirrels hide their imperative acorns,

Then sumptuous autumn frolics with horns.


~ Copyright © Surabhi Kaura 2015


A gossamer veil of sunset on clouds havens my Soul with seraphic vibes. Illuminated by the grandeur, my Soul widens to a measureless sight; when sunset fires light sky and sea, and engulfs in the breath of tranquility. – Surabhi Kaura

Surabhi Kaura
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Surabhi Kaura

Surabhi is a Poetess by heart and an aspiring Author. She is an English teacher by profession. She is a post-grad from University of Toronto. Her love for writing poems has been her strength. She is currently working on publishing her first novel.

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