Life’s Seductive Dance…

Life's Seductive Dance
Life’s Seductive Dance…the extremes of experience

Life dances most vigorously
at my periphery, as if I alone remain still,
observing the movement, the chaos,
the undulations of tragedy, travesty and truth,
always ensuing despite my response,
and I watch with sadness, with hope, with disdain,
all that is beyond me, beyond my influence.

Occasionally life breaches my bubble,
and chaos stirs my life,
like a vortex of swirling divisible refuse,
scattered in remnant form
to play havoc with the mind,
and at those times I seek solace in silence,
in being alone, as balance requires.

Within the flow, life in extremes presents,
and trust is needed to be open to its movement,
where joys are many but pain is excruciating,
where love is ecstasy and betrayal is hell,
all of which is our path in life,
our learning of experienced
that transcends our perspective.

We then may be still,
to observe and to be content in aloneness,
the ultimate acceptance of responsibility,
the knowing we change what we can
and accept what we cannot,
to find peace in either,
to know who we are, in truth.

Stillness is the only true perspective of movement,
for within movement there is delusion,
and until we can stand in silence
and observe the nature of life,
we will forever be pursuing movement
as the only reality,
when reality is subjective.

Life dances a most seductive dance,
imploring all extremes in experience,
but until we may truly see what we are experiencing,
knowledge is limited by perspective,
and perspective grows as does our souls,
to eventually find balance and truth
in all that we observe.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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