The Four Courses of Love

The Four Courses of Love
The Four Courses of Love

An aperitif this touch,
this afferent singeing of my soul,
burning desire rising like molten sighs,
and the entree an anticipation of building frenzy,
while your eyes peer deeply into mine,
delicate hands moving so gently,
as if melding with my wanton flesh,
this soul, like a hovering specter moving in and out of its host,
displaced by desires intoxication.

Wordless, we are locked,
eyes penetrating, filled with reckless intention,
the burning of want
like licking flames upon the heart,
mind singularly driven to love’s aching fulfillment,
as bodies find solace entwined like forest vines,
tendrils searching for greater purchase,
and kisses flood the soul with a soft swollen warmth
that yields to the rhythm of love’s red tide,
ever rising to heights as yet unexplored.

Served in glorious profusion the mains arrive,
full bodied and pounding hearts attest,
the blissful manifest of sexuality,
riding the bronco unleashed,
its natural fight until now not breached,
and ecstasy invites its teetering release,
to rise up into heaven’s fold,
toes curled in shuddering hold,
to find flight in scattered clouds,
so softly lain before the bodies spent.

Breath slows to a rise and fall,
desert the relief of such dreams now sold,
and stillness finds two hearts all free
to see the tethers of sexuality,
expectations and intimate moments spent,
that now brings joy and future’s possibility,
to souls touched at the periphery of truth;
and so they lay in quiet repose,
thoughts held warm in love’s enchantment,
attuned to worlds where love is all.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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