A Common Sense Approach to Peace

A Common Sense Approach to Peace
A Common Sense Approach to Peace

Inevitably drawn to the darker side, humanity propagates in cynicism, more of the same, and while we spiritually aspire to righteous thought, we in truth, join the masses in blame and ignorant vengeance. Without a vigilant awareness, we so easily slip into the group mentality, and despite our beliefs and assumed development, we fall short of all we think we are.

Achievement is not a point in time, but constant thoughts and actions that upholds our beliefs and aspirations of thinking. We cannot be peacemakers when one moment we are giving love, the next blaming oppressors and feeling malice for those who perpetrate circumstances with which we do not agree. This hypocrisy runs deep within us, as we often project what and who we wish to be, without actually being it. When we become the group mind and hate, regardless of who and the the reason, we actually forfeit compassion and kindness, and in doing so propagate the problems of this world.

Perhaps we seek the camaraderie of the group, like thinking and the security that it personally brings. But at what expense do we relinquish our ideals to satisfy the ego? Human beings are very good at quoting platitudes and standing for righteous causes, but when we let go ourselves in order to do that, we are failing ourselves and our potential.

We cannot expect peace from this world, when we cannot find it in our hearts and personal lives. All begins within and radiates out into the world. If peace was truly what we all wanted, peace would reign, now. The truth is we too easily fall to the negative. We find solace in the group mind to persecute, to vilify and be malicious in our judgement of people, cultures, religions, philosophies and politics, thinking that we know better. The reality is that our thoughts verify our ignorance and lack of compassion, kindness and love.

If we live by any paradigm, then we must work hard to maintain those ideals. And it doesn’t matter what religion, what philosophy or from where our ideas come. If we live in peace, allow kindness and compassion and love to rule our thoughts, there would not be war, or any of the violence and hatred that exists in the world today.

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