Temple of The Heart

Temple of the Heart

In the consciousness of Samadhi’s Divine Light,

Stilled thoughts twinkle like the stars o’erhead;

I wonder… who is the flame-weaver?

The mind-sea changes into vapours of the silver ether.

Somewhere… a tiny, golden, pulsating fountain of fire

Flickers and glows vastly in the Heart-sky;

Ah, Surya! Ever-burning mystic lamp!

You reside in the eternity’s eternal breath.


Sweet Luna! When the world is engulfed in darkness,

My Elysian vision dims and the voice quivers,

Thus diminishing the radiance of peace…

Somewhere… I hear your gentle voice in my sanctum;

Oh! Your ambience is felt so gloriously

That every land is alight with the Light of Love!

Liberty gleams as the heart flies like a kite… beyond, beyond the infinity…

Such is the strength of your aura

That even a moonless night shines so bright!


Love… love is so beautiful…

A quintessential beauty of Almighty’s manifestation!

Love is a sacred song of the God… a carnival of lights for the Heart…

Love is a melodious prayer… a sweet fragrance of the Soul…

Love is an evergreen ocean… a ceaseless thirst…

Love is a burst of morning hues… an innocent kiss of the rainbow…

Love is a perennial wine, cascading from the heaven, and I?

I… I remain intoxicated… so, so drunk in Love…

Love is a tranquil breeze… a psalm of life…

Love is a lilting waterfall, swinging and swaying in cadence…

Love is a garden and gardener, too.

Love exists in every atom and breath…

Above all, Love is you, my Beloved!


O’ Rama! How can I find eternal Love in one lifetime?

I must be born again and again to be with you.

Even if I have to walk on the path of fire,

Even if the inferno scorches my Soul,

I will never depart your Heart-home;

I will hold your hand in the cosmic dance,

For you are the music that I breathe –

The intonation of my heartbeat!


O’ Aurora-Light… O’ Aurora-Light!

There are faces of transcendental grace,

Faces of exquisite charm, faces sincere and true;

There are faces of boundless wisdom and tenderness, too,

But there is no face like the face of you.

All I seek, O’ Love, all I pine for,

Is the Light of your cherubic smile –

An immortelle of glory, divinely delightful

With the lips of laughter,

And merriment, and cheer!


Eyes transfixed, I glance at you

In this birthless, deathless playground;

Where dawn and dusk sing rhapsodies of praise…

At last, my quest has culminated in an emporium of Love.

How sweet it is to be in your presence, O’ Love!

By God! We must have shared a celestial union.


Yester night, I dreamed a dream of roses,

Where the nightingales sang a loftiest song inside the crimson-lips,

As the angels waltzed o’er the virgin snows of Himalayan eclipse.

And then? Then the crescendo of milky waves shouted your name;

You came with such charm and elegance,

That the throbbing shore irresistibly rolled up,

Embracing you endearingly in her arms…

Ah! What a joy! What an absolute bliss!

Mesmerized by the sight, the tiny shooting stars

Performed a ballet in celebration… beyond the stellar galaxies…

If ever any charm I did see,

It was a sublime dream of thee!


Shh… listen… listen to this pleasant silence in the air…

Stay with me in the effulgent Temple of my Heart –

Always chanting, praying, and meditating…

Ah! Incessant… incessant are the whispers of Love and longing…

Come! I wish to feel your mellow gaze that

Soothes my weary eyes in the most unfathomable way,

And yet, our Love remains an unspoken thrill.

Beloved, you have just arrived and you are you leaving?

Don’t leave, my Love… don’t go yet, please.

Because I want this moment… this time to cease.

There is no earth below… no sky above…

Let today be an eternity.


The depth, the profundity of solitude

Echoes your name… Come! Come!

Beloved, in the deserts of alienation,

There once lived fragments of scarlet dreams…

As soon as I heard your footsteps on the threshold of my Heart,

The fragrant jasmines and roses

Delicately blossomed in my inner-shrine.


Sweet Love! You are far, yet so near to me…

So much so that the fragrance of your breath

Transforms into a peaceful prayer,

Smoldering forth an exotic aroma – gently… softly…

Like zillions of sweet-scented candles in my core,

Burning ceaselessly, vibrantly!


Lo! The sunbeams waltz across the distant horizon

Where a peacock spreads her emerald-green feathers in exuberance…

O’ Rose of Love! Let our breaths become suspended

As the shimmering, jingling harps rhyme a rhythmic melody;

A melody that kisses our Soul! 


Ah! The glistening dew of your enchanting gaze…

Eyes are yours, but tears are mine;

We seem to share a cosmic bond

Where only you and I exist

And our very existence becomes our gratitude-breath.


Like a parched desert, thirsty for eons,

Pines for the first drop of rain,

So too, I long for you, my Rama.

When there is longing in Love, it is Love.

Let there be thirst for Love,

For our Love will blossom

In our Lord’s Divine play!


Oh Love! What an elegance of this mellifluousness;

Of this harmony that we share…!

Ah! I have touched you through the windows of my eyes.

The promises are fulfilled – grain by grain.

Come! O’ Lover! The molten sun sets,

Piercing the heavy clouds of separation and pain…

The night of blessed union is here,

Drenching us in its Golden rain!


Oh! How we have sailed in life through Love!

When you were gone away,

I stood and watched the willow weep;

Long leaves hung like silent tears,

The branches groaned in pain and fear,

For there was none to hear the sobbing Heart.


Oh, but when you came,

The winds swirled with enigmatic buoyancy;

And the old leaves fluttered, the willow smiled.

Sweet Love! Your pious presence

Has revived the melody of my Heart,

For Love is all that God imparts.


My song will linger in your beguiling eyes,

In the twilight hours of night;

It will whisper in your ears,

Like the soft, enchanting lullabies;

It will touch your forehead,

Like the fond hands of a mother;

It will endearingly kiss your breath,

Like the Sun permeating through the milky curtains;

It will embrace you in the frosty mornings,

Wrapping you with a blanket of Love;

It will jewel on your lips and eyelids,

Like the first rain from spring;

It will remind you of the cerulean clouds,

Bowing with infinite gratitude…

And like a whiff of fresh air,

It will caress you in the solitude.


Let my eyes swell with Love today;

Let the soggy pearls dribble with joy.

Let me gather a tapestry of splendour,

I wish to adorn you with roses and lavenders.

Lo! The entire world blurs, painting the sky blue;

And everywhere I look, I see my God in you.


O’ Shiva! My Shiva…

As near as the fragrance is to breaths,

As near as the melodies are to the lips,

As near as the waves are to the ocean,

As near as the moonlight is to the moon,

As near as the sunbeams are to the Sun,

As near as the clouds are to the sky,

As near as the dreams are to the eyes,

As near the heartbeats are to the Heart,

As near as the Soul is to the body,

Remain that close to me, Oh Love of mine.


 – Copyrighted, Surabhi Kaura, January 23, 2017

Surabhi Kaura

Surabhi is a Poetess by heart and an aspiring Author. She has done her Bachelors in Paralegal Studies, and is currently taking the post-grad certificate in TESOL at the University of Toronto. Her love for writing poems has been her strength. She is currently working on publishing her first novel.

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Surabhi Kaura

Surabhi is a Poetess by heart and an aspiring Author. She has done her Bachelors in Paralegal Studies, and is currently taking the post-grad certificate in TESOL at the University of Toronto. Her love for writing poems has been her strength. She is currently working on publishing her first novel.

8 thoughts on “Temple of The Heart

  • January 24, 2017 at 4:13 AM

    Wow, Surabhi! Thank you for posting this epic poem of love and devotion at the Creative Exiles. I have long awaited another piece of literature from you and this certainly didn’t disappoint. The descriptiveness of your words is exemplary. Well done.

    • January 24, 2017 at 9:39 AM

      Thank you, Dear Jodah. I am glad it resonated with you. Love and Light.

  • January 24, 2017 at 7:05 AM

    I’m glad I took the time needed to read this in all its worth. If this doesn’t exemplify love and devotion then I don’t know what does. Your imagery is phenomenal and wordplay is fantastic. Great piece.~Paul


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