Self-Righteous Rhetoric

Self-Righteous Rhetoric
Self-Righteous Rhetoric…the flag wavers of truth

Righteous thoughts invite question,
knowing all a fantasy of ignorance,
as we in learned stance face a world of contention,
thinking somehow truth within us a romance;
yet we evolve and change moment to moment,
and when the music stops do we really have a chair,
or are we so deluded to think
that chair a throne and we superior.

Egos are fragile, like transparent glass,
and often in upholding them we bend the truth a little,
but it is not wisdom that speaks,
just the echo of our wanted perceptions,
reeking havoc in the real world as a delusion of presence;
thinking we are always right
is a self-limiting stagnation
from which we may never return.

Humility is a difficult ideal to attain,
to understand enough to grasp equality,
where all life is equal, regardless of our petty judgements,
and we are no better than anyone else,
for we all learn and move through life with different steps,
and experience is given not contiguously
but as required for each soul,
incomparable in context.

As truth evolves with our perception of it,
and nothing exists definitively,
tis best we relent on righteous belief,
knowing, something that requires wisdom,
gained over time and experience
and rarely spouted as self-righteous rhetoric,
for beguiling as it may sound,
partial truths do not hold the world together.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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