Perceptions Within the Freedom of Flight

Perceptions Within the Freedom of Flight
Perceptions Within the Freedom of Flight

In flight a heart sees a broad landscape,
and how small most seems in the stream of life,
those momentary circumstances that so test
our strength and endurance,
yet they are but moments in infinite time,
so small and unimportant.

The pace of life is often too fast,
as if we are unable to grasp all that appears,
speeding along in half awareness to the beat of life,
but as overwhelming as it may be,
we must gain a perspective,
a balanced view of our earthly plight.

Each moment a decision,
each decision a consequence,
and each consequence a circumstance
with which we must deal,
and how we do that defines who we are,
and the circumstance that may follow.

There is no circumstance too big or too small,
they are all definitive, in their own right,
and we must treat them the same,
make considered decisions,
for carelessness leads to much pain,
and right leads to a balanced fate.

In the flight of freedom we see more,
without limitations that keep us stagnant,
and therefore know how to deal with life’s challenges,
in a quiet and considered way,
to glean the knowledge we need
and to aspire to higher thought and less poignant situations.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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