Life of a Thousand Veils

Life of a Thousand Veils
Life of a Thousand Veils

I ask you can you be real,
is what I see a veil to be ventured,
to be slowly dismantled with trust,
or are you who you are, now,
for I have no idea the deceit you ask yourself,
the lies you believe
and could entangle me within,
or are you truly sincere,
as confused as I and hoping for clarity,
a peaceful knowing I can depend on.

Burned so many times in life,
trust no issue, just hard to find,
and most seem to think I’m blind,
to all the games played in chase,
in seeking what they think they want,
and me within it, as a gormless puppet,
the strings my lifeline to accept,
yet all I see is the slavery met in compliance,
and unreality my new scope,
when all I want is peace.

My reality is complete,
not games or slavery do I seek,
and a woman I’ve yet to find,
with truth aligned to what I think,
and so I search not for partnership,
passing ships in the night is best I can do,
for all else inveigles me to meld into other truths
of which I am unfamiliar,
games I do not play,
their life a script I will not read.

What is real I ask,
for no-one seems to agree with my reality,
so right or wrong I will not be complicit
in creating disharmony from the beginning,
rather be alone and not fall for strife,
that hurts life to such degree,
I cannot function;
and If per say I find a mate
within this deluded world of harm and conflict,
I will be blessed, but I’ll never hold my breath.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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