To Be Known, the World and its Potential

To be known…we are much more

To Be Known, the World and its Potential
To Be Known, the World and its Potential

I abide by the thoughts that allow me to fit,
but those thoughts are transient, contrived,
as my thinking is beyond the script of today,
beyond my preparedness to comply,
and so my secret world is where I live,
here but not with, much of the societal expectations
and thoughts of egregious disharmony,
forced and fed by those who would rule the world.

Black sheep are still sheep,
but I, who never fitted from the beginning,
find life a particularly arduous task,
a profound struggle for meaning and purpose,
and my compliance now comes from art,
the expression of beauty and the paradigm of hope,
that I engender in my words
and the thoughts that inspire change.

In my singular quest, I have committed my life,
and in my small way to make sense of all this,
awareness often a burden too much to bare,
yet words keep me focused, impassioned,
for the world gone wrong is my quarry,
healing my wish, and if words can change
then I pray mine to soar in flight
be known, the world and its potential.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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