Just Skin…our wrapping our shroud

Just Skin...our wrapping our shroud
Just Skin…our wrapping our shroud

What appears to be, is seldom so,
in a world of charades, where
skin is everything, regardless of core,
and impressions drive decisions
not truth in submission,
and then we are always surprised
how misled we’ve been.

Some eyes are clear, some hollow,
others filled with machinations
hard to swallow,
and we may be the brunt
of harsh infliction,
from souls of ploys
with inexplicable contradictions.

While some of kindness
think nothing but compassion,
for even those who would steal their souls
on a whim, for a malevolent satisfaction;
and so we must look inside,
to see more than external,
to understand who stands before us.

Skin is just skin,
our wrapping, our shroud,
and all that is, is beneath crying out loud,
to be heard, to be accepted,
to be held and to be loved,
even though the struggle
may be to hurt, to manipulate and more.

We are complex beings,
filled with motives known and subconscious,
and when we access one another,
the outside is just a cover,
for what really is felt, of a heart and a soul;
we therefore must delve deeply within
to know and to meld with those stories that’s been.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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