Election Day

election-dayElection Day, Election Day

Read all about it!

Unnecessary headlines scream

Vote for me! Wait and see!

All the things I’m promising

Money here, money there

I’ll spend the money everywhere

Don’t worry, it will be just fine

I’ll spend from the taxpayer’s dime

Public monies wait for me

I’ll overspend, just wait and see

I’ve told some lies, that much is true

But I had to…it’s what we do

Politicians from each political party

Northern Maine over to Berkley

All across this great country

The truth is out there

Except no one cares

I’ve checked the social media shares

The peasants listen to what I say

Come out and vote, it’s Election Day

I need your vote to win the race

Get in line, save your space

Doesn’t matter if you’ve registered

I guarantee each vote preserved

Unless my opponent has the lead

Then some votes will have to disappear

My people will promote a smear

Irregularity, that’s the name we’ll use

Find some issues, then we’ll choose

How to disqualify those “incorrect” votes

It’s easy to convince, takes a few banknotes

Behind the scenes we fight the war

While “we the people” wonder what for

The job of President doesn’t pay that well

In fact, it’s a strange carousel

A spinning ride that never seems to end

Problems most of us can’t comprehend

World events and budget meetings

Military actions and public speaking

I’m confident that I’m what we need

Try to forget my past and my greed

Come out today and vote for me

I’ll be the greatest leader, I’m the key

I want to build a legacy

My deeds will echo in infamy

All I need is partisan loyalty

America first or line my pockets?

Dress my wife like a goddess

Redecorate and gold plate the faucets

I want everything to be flawless

Once I’m satisfied I have it all

Maybe then I’ll take a call

About the problems of the little people

Be reminded that they are just sheeple

Speak a lot but saying nothing

The media will call me stunning

Even if I act disgusting

Some might even call me trusting

Visits from Springsteen and Madonna

Maybe legalize marijuana

Appoint an ambassador to Botswana

America will be nirvana

But only if you vote for me

I’ll be the best leader in history

Elect me, just wait and see!

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R J Schwartz

I write about everything and sometimes nothing at all. I'm fascinated by old things, rusty things, abandoned places, or anywhere that a secret might be unearthed. I'm passionate about history and many of my pieces are anchored in one concept of time or another. I've always been a writer, dating back to my youth, but the last decade has been a time of growth for me. I'm continually pushing the limitations of vocabulary, syntax, and descriptive phrasing.

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