The Irony of Alone

The Irony of Alone
The Irony of Alone…some thoughts

Surrounded by voices,
the chatter of thoughts unleashed,
I sit alone, as if those words just fly by me,
seeking place elsewhere,
and this shell I’m in is complete,
a soul held of itself,
in the pure light of being.

Often I feel displaced,
as if plucked from one place
and delivered to another, unbeknownst,
as if what fits me into life does pause,
and I a shag on a rock,
perhaps invisible,
writhing in stark discomfort.

Loneliness often occurs
when surrounded by others,
and the noise and activity
like an echo at the end of a tube,
for in those times I feel most alone,
parted from myself,
a soul in exile.

Is it silence I seek,
or is it just the realization of solitude in life,
the ultimate truth of a soul,
seeking connection
but ultimately alone,
and sharing a choice made
to placate the harsh reality.

I do engage the voices, make connections,
but fewer than I’d like,
for a parlous world awaits an open heart,
and age inspires a discerning
that saves a soul some pain,
when reaching out,
into the dark madness of life.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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