A Garden Full of Love


Every spring they always came –

to see the old man’s garden of love.

It was always full of sweet blooming flowers,

that grew in abundance –

from early spring through the April showers.

All through the sun drenched summers

and the soft, falling rains,

that made those flowers grow.

He had been on his own now,

for five lonely years and never a day went by –

that he didn’t have a lot to say to her.

Yet he never let anyone see any tears,

the garden had been created,

through all of their loving years.

When she left him behind,

he knew that for her ,

he would make sure,

that everything remained the same,

until they could meet again,

there beyond the stars.

He knew she would wait for him,

but for now his love was always near,

beaming with happiness,

as people admired their garden of love.

During the star-filled summer nights,

she walked beside him,

between the moonbeams

and the shadows,

letting him have his dream.

When they asked him,

if he didn’t miss her a little too much

and if he was all right was no company.

It was his answer that always surprised them.

He shook his head with a sad, knowing smile

and told them she was there,  everywhere,

just as if she had never left.

The yellow daffodils he had planted,

the first spring they had spent here,

there she had stood,

while the breeze blew through her hair,

looking as much a part of the daffodils,

with her beaming sunny smile.

He pointed to the blue bonnets,

the blue of those flowers,

were the blue of her eyes

and when she sat beside them –

it would take your breath away,

as her eyes sparkled and shown.

The white roses growing all about,

represented the white purity of her heart and soul.

The red rose bushes and the pink cherry blossoms,

always reminded him,

of her cherry red lips and pink cheeks.

When lilacs bloomed,

they were her favorite scent,

that wafted all around him.

in the month of May

and all the other flowers,

always gave her pleasure,

since she adored bright colors.

So she was there and everywhere

and this garden of love,

would remind him of his darling,

till the day he walked the starry path,

to be by her side.

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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