Where It All Started

Where It All Started
Where It All Started…an observation

A man started woman,
and by the time he had finished
his hair had turned grey,
spring skies had turned to winter gloom
and he had one foot in the grave;
he pondered hard,
yet still had no answers
to his questions.

A woman started man,
and by the time she had finished,
everything had changed
and winter gloom had turned to summer
as finally he was trained;
and in his reflection she saw her self,
and pondered hard
if her work was truly done.

God started humanity,
and by the time he had finished,
wondered if he had made a huge mistake,
free-will and genitalia
an incessant long term ache of possibility;
and he pondered hard
if man and woman
could ever truly be as one.

A flower seeded from the winds
attached itself to mother earth,
and wondered how its being was so perfect,
sharing life and nutrient, as
under a loving sun it grew,
stretching in glorious color and form
to simply be itself
and live and die with honorable joy.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

Full time author, freelance writer, poet and blogger since 1999. Twenty one published works, past winner of 'Poet of the Year' on HubPages, 'Poem of the Year' on The Creative Exiles, writer for Allpoetry.com, Google+, tonydwtf.blogspot.com.au videos on YouTube and book sales on website thoughtsforabeautifulmind.com, Amazon and digitalprintaustralia.com.au/bookstore

2 thoughts on “Where It All Started

  • August 29, 2016 at 10:35 AM

    A clever observation, ha! Love how you layed this out. Nature always showing us the simple beauty of true harmony, purpose and growth. Excellent. 🙂


  • August 29, 2016 at 6:37 PM

    Tongue in cheek, but true, lol. Glad you enjoyed it Mel. Take care.


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