The Magical Garden


It was a little town
and Margaret was the awe of all.
Every summer her garden bloomed and grew,
all the neighbors stopped to stare,
at Margaret’s magical garden.
They also sighed and said,
how terrible it was –
that Margaret’s husbands,
all left her before every spring.
There had been Tom, Pete, Joe and Harry.
A life of love but they all had run away –
never to return again,
none had stayed till the spring,
to see the wondrous flowers grow.
So Margaret and her magical garden,
were left sad and alone.
It was at this time,
that George came round.
All of Margaret’s husbands,
had been friends of his
and since they had left for parts unknown,
George had no one to lift a glass or two with.
So it was on one frosty February eve –
that George went to visit Margaret,
with a bottle of wine and a sweet smile.
Margaret for all her years,
was still a sight to see,
with skin so silky, hair so long and blue eyes that twinkled.
George was so captivated,
as Margaret presented a dinner so fine,
she told George that the only wine,
to serve was her own homemade
and so George became a regular suitor.
Spending many a wonderful evening,
eating Margaret’s fine dinners
and drinking her homemade wine.
One evening as George was making his way home,
he wound along Margaret’s garden path
and stumbled upon something along the way.
When George reached down what did he see –
but his friend Harry’s university ring.
Then George began to wonder,
about his friends which were lost.
He wondered about Margaret’s magical garden
and her delicious homemade wine.
What came to George’s mind was quite hideous
and he made a vow –
to avenge the memory of his friends
and teach Margaret a lesson,
that you don’t do bad things,
to George’s friends.
So the spring turned into summer
and George continued courting his intended.
However when Margaret poured out her homemade wine,
he chose every opportunity to exchange glasses,

while at Margaret making passes.
That summer they enjoyed every moment,
in this magical garden
and made plans to be wed,
when September rolled round.
The flowers had started to wilt –
as George and Margaret exchanged their vows.
All of the neighbors wondered,

if George would be there next spring.
They settled down in Margaret’s fine house,
George enjoyed every dinner
and pretended to love her wine.
By now Margaret had begun,
to cast odd glances at him
and it was when December arrived,
that Margaret looked pale and wane.
George knew what was happening,
but he no longer cared
and it was in February of the next year –
that Margaret passed away,
and one dark and wintry night,
George buried her beside Harry.
As he knew it should be done,
the news traveled fast about the town.
This time it was Margaret who had flown,
leaving poor George all alone.
The marriage was dissolved real quick,
just as it had been done,
for all of poor Margaret’s husbands –
who had left her so quick,

making her bank account real thick.
Now George was left alone
and it happened that to this town,
came Sally a wondrous and lovely woman indeed.
George began to court her
and she was delighted by him.
Came spring and Sally was surprised,
by all the lovely flowers beginning to bloom
and so to break the evil spell,
George married her as June came round.
The neighbors were so glad to see George and Sally,
they loved the beautiful garden which grew so many flowers
and so during the summer,
George and Sally danced along the paths,
of their magical garden.

Where all the flower,

blossomed in various colors.
Beneath the full summer moon,
that shown from above
and could it be,
George thought he saw –
ole Harry up among the stars,
giving him a thumbs up
and a great big wink.


Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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