Limited Lives

Limited Lives…propagating lies

Limited Lives
Limited Lives…ruled by fear

A troubled mind allows
the venting of what disdain espoused,
to placate all in threats of revelation
that could undermine that fragile self,
those machinations of the lie.

For in states of self-abhorrence,
the lies a fervent defence, as
troubled minds cannot afford transparency,
as it upholds those thoughts of self,
the doubts and fears that evidence will affirm.

In a world of containment these souls reside,
nothing to share, everything to hide,
for lies now truth resound like a madness cacophony,
and fear the steel bars of their ever-diminishing cell,
the tightrope walk of life, their hell.

Truth, once an ideal of worth,
now lost in concept, a thought inert,
and reality just another play of lies,
the script whatever will suffice,
to maintain a covert life of no responsibility.

The woe they bring, these misguided fools,
life a canvas of changing rules,
lies so fervently denied, not a thing on earth relied
upon, to support their reckless path,
just the fallout and harsh aftermath, of failure.

Sad to be in such a state of suffering.

Tony DeLorger © 2016

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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