Twin Souls Reborn and Love Reunited

Twin Souls Reborn and Love Reunited is a story of a young couple who meet again in life after life. When twin souls are reborn into the same life, there is a recognition almost immediately. Some distant memory will come from deep within and trigger that love that once was in a past life.  Some people believe in the existence of twin souls, others do not, and that is okay.

Vision from the past ~

It was early in the spring of 1820 when they met  on the shores of a rocky beach.

He was sitting atop one of the smaller stones, gazing out over the lake. She was strolling along the shoreline with her little brother, watching him skip stones out over the still waters.

As she came into his view he gasped and stared at her. He knew her, but, from where? He suddenly saw golden sunlight shining down on them together as they ran along this same beach, laughing with delight. The flash of memory faded as quickly as it came.

The vision passed like a fluttering butterfly. He had his elbow resting on his knee and his hand propped up his chin. He continued to stare at her with a puzzled look. “There was something there a second ago,” he thought. “Something… somewhere…”, then he straightened his leg out and jumped down off the rock.

As he was brushing sand from the rock off his pants he heard her cry out. He jerked his head up just in time to see her fall. He ran over to where she lay on the rocky beach. When he reached her he knelt down and saw that she was unconscious. He turned her to pick her up more easily and saw blood running down her temple. She had fallen on a rock. He dabbed at the blood with the end of his white neck scarf, then picked her up.

Never let her go ~

She was light and easy to hold. As he looked down at her face that sudden familiarity struck him again. Her head rested easy on his chest. He called out to the boy, “Laddie, come here, quickly!” The boy turned and when he saw a stranger holding his sister he ran back, yelling, “What have you done to my sister?” The young man looked at him with shock for the anger on the boy’s face. “She fell, laddie, and cut her head. She is unconscious. We must get her some help. Do you have a carriage here?”

“Yes, my father is just over the rise there with the carriage.” The man looked where the boy pointed. “Well run ahead and tell him your sister is hurt and needs help. Quickly now and I will follow you.” As the boy took off the man looked down once again at the girl. The boy stopped and turned back. “Do not drop her, Sir”, he shouted. “No, I will not let her go,” the young man shouted back.

Just then the girl opened her eyes and tried to focus. She gazed deeply into his dark brown eyes, smiled and reached up to brush a lock of black curl off his forehead. “Oh, Neddy,” she said softly then slipped back into her darkness.

The young man stared at the beautiful face for what seemed like an eternity. “I shall not let her go ever”, he whispered.

As he was near the top of the rise, the girl’s father came running over the little hill, shouting “Megan, Megan!” He reached them and stopped. “Is she…is she..,” He held out his arms as the young man passed him his daughter. “She has lost consciousness, Sir. She tripped and fell on a rock. Her head is bleeding a little.”

The father was a big, powerfully built man and carried his daughter quickly over the hill and down to the road where his carriage and horse stood waiting. Gently he laid her in the seat and asked the young man to get in and hold her so she would not fall off the seat as he had to get her home quickly. For a big man the father moved with ease and speed and was up on the driver’s seat before the young man was in the carriage. Securing the girl in his embrace he nodded to the father who was looking back to make sure all was ready. “Mind you keep her head from bumping around,” shouted the father.

The young man gently placed his hand on the girl’s head and held her to his chest. The boy was on the other seat, facing his sister and looked frightened. “Hang on tight Collin”, the father said to the boy. He cracked his whip and the big powerful Dapple Grey took off, sensing the urgency.

Waiting ~

The father was an excellent driver and managed to get home with no mishaps. The young man became increasingly concerned, for the girl had not stirred even when the carriage rattled over bumps and dips. As the carriage pulled up and stopped in front of a large grey stone house, a woman came running out the door onto the portico.

“Good heavens, Sean!” She shouted. “I saw you coming when I looked out my window upstairs. I have never known you to drive so reckless! Whatever is wrong?” Then she saw the young man in the carriage, a look of fear on his face. She saw blood stains on the man’s scarf, then realized her daughter was leaning against the man’s chest.

“Megan!” she screamed. “Sean, what happened to her? My Megan…”, she was beside herself with fear and panic. “Martha! Calm down and run back in the house. Have Lily get some hot water and cloths up to Megan’s room. Collin, run and tell Thomas to look after the horse and send Willy in to the village for the doctor. Quickly now!”

As the people of the house and the men in the yards became one mass of panic, the young man sat on the portico in a chair. He did not want to get in the way yet he did not want to leave. His concern over the girl filled him with heartbreak. He felt as if he had a right to be there.

He wanted to make sure she was all right. It seemed like hours as he sat there, wondering how she was. The doctor had come, rushed in the house and all became quiet, too quiet, thought the young man.

Dusk was falling as the young man dozed off. He was startled awake by the sound of the father’s voice. “I will be out front, Martha, if you need me.” The young man looked up and saw the father lighting a pipe. The aroma of the tobacco brought him fully awake. It was the same tobacco he and his uncle smoked after supper each night. He stood up quickly.

The father turned and looked shocked. “Oh! Oh, young man, forgive me, truly. In all the panic and goings on I quite forgot about you. This is shameful of me,” he strode towards the young man with his hand outstretched in greeting.  “Why…I have not even thanked you properly yet. Forgive me for being so inhospitable.”

Aaron ~

“No need to apologize, Sir. Doubtless you may have thought I had left long ago. But… I … well… I was very concerned for the well being of your daughter. I did not want to leave till I found out how she is. Is she…”. The father motioned for him to sit down again and went back to the door and called out. “Joseph!”, he shouted into the house. “Joseph, will you bring some brandy for us and another pipe for our visitor here.”

“Allow me to introduce myself, young man. I am Sean Patrick Dubhghaill. My family was originally from County Wicklow.” he pulled a chair over and sat facing the young man. “And you are, I assume, Neddy?” The young man looked puzzled for a second and stood, offering his hand.

“No, Sir. My name is O’Bruic, Aaron Michael O’Bruic.” He sat back down as Joseph brought out a tray with brandy, tobacco and a pipe. “Is there anything else you need, Sir?”

Joseph gazed down on his master with concerned expression. “Not right now, Joseph. Please call us when supper is ready — or before if there is any problem with Megan.”

“A fine man, he is.” Sean said after Joseph left. “He has been here since before I was born. He taught me all I know of this land. Not much older than me, he is, yet became like a father to me.” Sean leaned forward and poured them each some brandy.

“O’Bruic,” he pondered. “I know the O’Bruic family who live up past the lake. Any relation?” Aaron smiled, “Yes, Sir. I am here visiting my uncle and his family. He was not faring well, but is much better now.”

“Well, give him my regards, will you, please? Fine man, fine family they are.” Sean re-lit his pipe. “Now then, I assumed your name was Neddy. Is that maybe a pet name? You see, my daughter came to a few times when the doctor was cleaning her wound. She kept calling for you … well I assumed it was you she called for. “Neddy”, she kept saying. “Where is my Neddy?”

He took a sip of his brandy then puffed on his pipe, gazing intently at Aaron. “Do you know my daughter, Sir?”

Remembering ~

Aaron’s hand stilled as he was about to light his pipe. He seemed to gaze off into the distance as he remembered something — some deepening memory from long ago. “You had better light the pipe before you get burned there,” Sean said quietly and leaned back in his chair, staring through the smoky haze from his pipe.

He squinted at Aaron suspiciously. Megan was his only daughter and just seventeen. He was extremely protective of her and very curious about this young man who had carried her to safety. Aaron was as concerned and caring for his daughter as if he had known her for some time. Yet that was not possible, Sean knew.  Megan was rarely anywhere without family close by.  She would not have met anyone the family did not know.

“No, Mr. Dubhghaill, I have never met your daughter before today.” Aaron managed to light his pipe then reached for his brandy. Both men leaned back and seemed to be a little wary of each other. However, Aaron was invited in to have supper with them and the tension eased and faded during the meal. The family made Aaron feel welcome and could not thank him enough for coming to the aid of Megan.

Willy took Aaron home after supper. Aaron left with the promise he would call upon them to see how their daughter was faring. Sean was impressed and told Aaron he would be welcome.

Over time the two men became close and trusted friends, for Aaron did call the next day and every day after to show his concern for Megan. Sean confided in Aaron his deep concern for Megan the first few days after the accident. Every time she came to she was confused and did not know where she was or who any of her family were. She often called out, “Neddy!” This terrified them all, but the doctor explained that this was often the case after a head injury. Gradually Megan was able to get up and move around her room with the help of Lily or her parents.

One bright sunny morning, Megan awoke and saw her father sitting by the window reading and drinking tea. “Dada?” She had not called him by that childhood name for years. Sean rushed over to her bedside and held her hand. “I am here, my darling.”

Twin Souls together again ~

She sat up as he helped her by piling pillows behind her back. He poured her some tea and held the cup as she sipped. He explained to her what had happened and that Aaron had been calling every day to ask of her.

“Who is Aaron?” Megan was finally able to hold the cup herself and gazed over the rim of it at her father.” Aaron is the young man who carried you up the hill and rode home with us. He held you in the carriage to prevent further harm to you.”

Sean sipped his tea and smiled down at her. “I do believe the young man has become quite smitten with you.” Megan blushed crimson. “Oh, Dada!”, she lowered her head. “How silly of you!” At that tender moment he knew she was herself again and all would be right. Sean had heard the phenomenon of twin souls before and often wondered, during Megan’ s recovery if she and Aaron were indeed twin souls.

And all was right. A year later, Aaron and Megan were married. When they had their first son a year after the wedding, they named him Edward Michael. They called him Neddy.

~ ~ ~

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5 thoughts on “Twin Souls Reborn and Love Reunited

  • June 9, 2016 at 10:56 PM

    A lovely tale Phyllis and I believe that can happen two. I’ve run into quite a few soul connection, having met in other lives and that feeling of knowing someone completely at first introduction, is so weird. But I believe it. They say many important people in life we have shared previous lives with eg. parents relatives, best friends, etc. Great work Phyllis

  • June 9, 2016 at 11:22 PM

    Thank you very much, Tony. Yes, it is weird, that instant recognition we can experience. I believe groups of souls stay together, as you mention, the important people in our lives. Take care. xx

  • June 10, 2016 at 4:21 PM

    Excellent Phyllis, I thouroughly enjoyed this. I love the idea of twin souls, and the beauty of an infinite connection. Very well done. A truly engaging read. 🙂



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