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From early beginnings man has sought a higher power to give meaning to existence, find solace in hardship and to placate the understanding of the finality of death. This human need has given birth to many holy books claiming the very word of God to save our imperfect souls and offer eternal life for repentance. Whether the Bible, Torah or Koran or the many teachings from Buddha or Hindu deities or the Zoroastrian worship of flame and balance in deed, all religions virtually say the same things. They offer a moral code of conduct, a focus on worship and prayer and if repentant an eternal life in a perfect, blissful heaven.

Each religion offers a prophet, a righteous soul who spoke of Gods wishes for humanity and sacrificing their life for imparting their religious values to the masses. The sad truth is the life of Jesus has been duplicated more than ten times in as many cultures on earth, beginning with Horus in Egypt some thousands of years before the time of Christ. The life of Jesus as a story was not unique at all, which poses the question that the story is deliberately penned not based on truth but more promotion of the ideals that religion at the time wanted. Between all the religious text around that time, there are events, characters and recorded history to verify much of that time, yet the most important aspects of souls like Jesus, seem to escape history almost completely. And Christianity is not the only culprit, just about every holy text has been altered, amended and added to by academics and theologians who had very distinct purpose.

So much of the truth has been hidden from the world over the centuries, truths that disproved claims in holy texts that could well bring down entire religions. The dead sea scrolls for instance were very quickly taken by the Catholic church and either destroyed or remain hidden in the Vatican archives. The belief that holy texts like the bible are the words of God, is rather out there to say the least. Even such inclusions as the ‘Gospels’ were not written by the said authors but written in Greek more than 120 years after their death.

When one breaks down the many layers of truth and hearsay, one must conclude that much of holy texts were written with a purpose, and much of that purpose in history eludes to the manipulation of the masses and to control in a political sense, what the governors of the time needed to attain compliance. Of course as religions became more entrenched in life, they had as much power as the governments and determined much of the daily lives and routines of all people, the real fear of fiery retribution a threat that held compliance in difficult times.

Personally I do not adhere to any religious doctrine or dogma, choosing my spiritual beliefs with a caveat of maintaining an open mind, should truth reveal itself more completely. If one supposes that the beginnings of existence had to be by an omnipotent and omniscient being of incalculable intelligence, then existence has purpose and so do we as beings within it. God to me is that pure, perfect energy that binds all life together. We are all made of the same stuff, stardust if you will, each substance or organism a collection of different molecules made from the same fundamentals atoms, and each held together by the very same energy that binds all being. That to me is God in its purest form, and instead of seeking God externally through prayer, I seek or recognize his existence within me, as a facet of existence and therefore a part of God. Religion to me is man-made and filled with ulterior motives. So in my own spiritual quest, I seek to fulfill my potential to realize the spiritual power within, to then be shared in thought and action.

Each soul on this earth deserves to follow their own spiritual path in formal religions or whatever process is undertaken, as long as that quest does not inhibit or hurt anyone else. Our souls I believe are here to learn, ascend to higher states of thought and being in an endless quest to find perfection and join our creator in blissful eternity. But many roads lead to any destination, and that is our choice.

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2 thoughts on “Doctrines of Non-Compliance

  • June 5, 2016 at 6:58 AM

    Thank you Tony for your enlightment on this subject. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I too adhere to no dogmas, no religious beliefs. However I respect all religions of our world. If religions brings a Hope, comfort and peace to those who follow religion, then I am happy for them. To me, religion is Opium to the masses, as quoted by Marx. I am one with the Universe, a star child indeed.

  • June 5, 2016 at 7:41 PM

    I was sure you would understand my take on the subject, I could say a lot more but I don’t want to offend. The spiritual journey is personal and as I said, the choice are ours to make. Thanks Vincent.


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